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On Hold

2015-03-02 09:05:44 by GraveDigger87

My music project "Deimosian" is on hold for now.  It should be no surprise.


Edit: Also, I have un-published most of my old songs.


2012-02-18 14:39:03 by GraveDigger87

The band name "Deimosian" has been floating around my head since i made that song; and now that i'v made a new song with that name in mind i'v decided it will be the name for my solo band. The other band with my friend John (and perhaps Christoph at times) will still be called "Malificent". I don't have a good reason why i consider my instrumental songs separate from the ones with vocals but it's just the way i see it. Although both bands are very closely related. So anyway i'v started a page on that Facebook site thing, i believe this is how you get there.


2011-07-07 19:39:31 by GraveDigger87

Alright in case anybody doesn't already know about Fenriz' BAND OF THE WEEK blog then its time to find out.



I started reading his blog in like january 2010 or something, i love Fenriz' taste in music, so badass. BAND OF THE WEEEK also has its own webpage.


The Haze Over Fallenguard

2011-05-14 05:28:09 by GraveDigger87

The Haze Over Fallenguard is a series of songs i'm doing which are bound by one thing and that is they are all going to be short and simple, and hopefully short and sweet. I'm still working on a couple other normal length songs but they aren't part of this, and i don't know when they're going to be finished. So these short songs are fun and easy and usually they only take one sitting, which is what i like. So "THOF part I" is there; i'm thinking part II is going to be a thrash metal thing...

A pack of old songs

2011-01-24 06:58:58 by GraveDigger87

Here is a little pack of some of my older songs for anybody who is interested. Ummm, there are 9 of them; i decided to post them this way because i wanted them to be a little less prominent on my page. Here is the link! I also included a word document with lyrics and stuff.

Well, i hope its enjoyable at least a little bit.

A Day Trek video

2011-01-12 19:34:54 by GraveDigger87

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This is a crappy video i made of the last hike my friends and i went on. For some reason i got the idea that it would be cool to film the hike and then set some of my music to it. I think it turned out pretty good for being the first video i'v ever made. Well, first i'v ever made on my own. And i have a higher quality version right here. I mean higher quality in the sense that the picture and sound is better, its still a crappy video, there is not much i can do about that. Eh whatever, enjoy, i hope it doesn't give you a headache.


2010-08-03 07:00:49 by GraveDigger87

A couple of my friends and i have sorta started a band, we're called Malificent. We have one song at this point, its like a classic heavy metal type thing. And we have a page here on newgrounds, Malificent666.

It took like two weeks to get approved for our first submission, but its cool now. I play guitar, and program drums, and do other auxiliary jobs because i'm awesome, hahahahaha, actually i'm just the one with the recording equipment. Anyway, that is what is going on with me. I might still add songs to this profile, if i do solo stuff too; i always have horrible vocals on my stuff so thats why there isn't very much of it. But Malificent has good vocals, and we should be ever improving!

New song

2010-04-19 04:18:31 by GraveDigger87

I decided to upload a new song; its quite influenced by Burzum and Evilfeast but also Halindir's stuff here on Newgrounds.

edit: this is "Mid Autumn Ambient In G Minor" i'm talking about.